To Order Books for a School Visit

Some of your students may want to own my books, and I consider signing books a part of my day at your school.

Local bookstores are usually happy to handle book sales for you, and usually offer a 20% discount off the cover price. You can also order books in bulk directly from my publishers.

Here’s how schools usually do it: You order the books four weeks in advance of my visit. Books are shipped to the school. Usually there is no minimum order, no shipping charge, and unsold books can be returned at no charge (except postage). Paperbacks are $4-$6, and hardcovers are $15-$17. Some titles may be out of stock or out of print. Check with the publisher before you order.

If you want to order books from multiple publishers, I recommend contacting Allyson Hickey of Booked. Email Allyson at She makes the whole process easy.

  • HARPERCOLLINS: The My Weird School series, Flashback Four, The baseball card adventure series, Casey Back at Bat, Johnny Hangtime, The Get Rich Quick Club, and The Genius Files.
  • SIMON & SCHUSTER/POCKET BOOKS: The Homework Machine, Getting Air, Race for the Sky, Back in Time with Benjamin Franklin, Back in Time with Thomas Edison, Babe Ruth and the Ice Cream Mess, Jackie Robinson and the Big Game, Nightmare at the Book Fair, The Christmas Genie, The Talent Show, and The Return of The Homework Machine.
  • SCHOLASTIC: The Kid Who Ran For President, The Kid who Became President, They Came From Centerfield.
  • VIKING/PUFFIN: Baseball’s Biggest Bloopers, Baseball’s Greatest Games, Ice Skating, Gymnastics. Some of these titles are available in hardcover or paperback.

I suggest ordering more books than you think you need. Some kids will show up with money on the day of my visit hoping to get a book. Others will be intrigued by my program and want a book afterward. Teachers and other staff want to get books as gifts.

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