Babe & Me Quiz

1. What is a “called shot” in baseball?
a. It’s when the manager calls for a hitter to swing and he hits a homer.
b. It’s when you predict what pitch the pitcher is going to throw.
c. It’s when you say you’re going to hit a homer, and then you do.
d. It’s when the fans call for a homer and the hitter hits one.

2. What did Stosh’s father give him to wear in 1932?
a. a New York Yankee cap.
b. knickers
c. a zoot suit
d. a bulletproof vest

3. What started the Depression?
a. The stock market crashed.
b. Hitler became the leader of Germany.
c. Babe Ruth went into a batting slump.
d. A lot of people got depressed at the same time.

4. What did Stosh do with the ball his father caught?
a. He got it autographed by the Babe.
b. He sold it for a million dollars.
c. He gave it to some kids.
d. He lost it.

5. What pitcher threw the called shot pitch?
a. Charlie Root
b. Babe Ruth
c. Walter Johnson
d. Smokey Joe Wood

6. Why did Stosh’s dad want to talk to Franklin Roosevelt?
a. So he could get his autograph.
b. So he could prevent the Holocaust from happening.
c. So he could shake hands with a famous person.
d. So he could prevent an assassination attempt.

7. Where did Ruth hit the called shot home run?
a. Left field
b. Centerfield
c. Right Field
d. It was an inside the park home run

8. In what ballpark was the called shot hit?
a. Yankee Stadium
b. Comiskey Park
c. Wrigley Field
d. Shea Stadium

9. How did Stosh’s dad hope to make money in 1932?
a. Putting money in the bank.
b. Robbing a bank.
c. Getting a job.
d. Betting on horse races in which he knew the outcome.

10. Did Ruth really call his shot?
a. Yes.
b. No.
c. It is a matter of debate.
d. Nobody knows

Answers: 1-C, 2-B, 3-A, 4-C, 5-A, 6-B, 7-B, 8-C, 9-A, 10-C

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