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    In The History Of The World

    Where can you find museums devoted to yo-yos, Pez dispensers, The Donner Party, and Spam? (The answer is in The Genius Files)

  • What disease killed twenty million people worldwide in 1918? (The answer is in Shoeless Joe & Me)
  • What musical instrument was invented by Benjamin Franklin? (The answer is in Back in Time with Benjamin Franklin)
  • What did Thomas Edison do with walrus hides, pumpkins, turtle shells, and macaroni? (The answer is in Back in Time with Thomas Edison)
  • What is Bloop Jones’ real name, and why do kids call him “Bloop”? (The answer is in They Came From Centerfield)
  • What is the name of Funny Boy’s home planet, and which planet in our solar system is the same size? (The answer is in Funny Boy Meets the Airsick Alien from Andromeda)
  • When Babe Ruth hit his famous “called shot” home run, who was the on-deck batter? (The answer is in Babe and Me)
  • In what sport did Jackie Robinson’s brother win an Olympic silver medal? Who won the gold? (The answer is in Jackie and Me)
  • What is Yip Turner’s real name, and why is his nickname “Yip”? (The answer is in Virtually Perfect)
  • Who holds the world record for the most consecutive free throws without a miss? Hint: he’s not even a basketball player! (The answer is in The Million Dollar Shot)
  • How many electoral votes does a candidate need to become President of the United States? (The answer is in The Kid Who Ran For President)
  • Who almost beat the Wright Brothers in the race to invent the airplane? (The answer is in Race for the Sky)
  • In chess, how can you get a checkmate in just two moves? (The answer is in The Homework Machine)
  • How do you play an A, D, and E chord on the guitar? (The answer is in The Million Dollar Putt)
  • If you get bitten by a poisonous snake, why is it not a good idea to suck out the venom? (The answer is in Getting Air)
  • What did Neil Armstrong say after he said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”? (The answer is in Nightmare at the Book Fair)
  • What crashed into a vacant lot in Monahans, Texas, in 1998 while some boys were playing basketball next door? (The answer is in The Christmas Genie)

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