My Weird School Trivia Quiz

The Toughest My Weird School Trivia Quiz In The History Of The World!
This My Weird School Quiz covers multiple books in the series.

Q: Why did grownups think up the idea of school, according to A.J.?
A: So they wouldn’t have to pay babysitters anymore.

Q: What is Miss Daisy’s favorite food?
A: Bon-bons

Q: What does Mr. Klutz do to help him think?
A: He hangs upside down from the ceiling.

Q: What does Andrea’s mother do for a living?
A: She’s a psychologist.

Q: What famous football player visits Ella Mentry School?
A: Boomer Wiggins

Q: What is A.J.’s sister’s name?
A: Amy

Q: What do grownups say when they don’t know what to say?
A: Hmmm, er, um, or uh.

Q: How big is Mrs. Cooney’s foot?
A: One foot long.

Q: What floor of Ella Mentry School is the dungeon on?
A: Third

Q: Who is the dumbest teacher in the history of the world?
A: Miss Daisy

Q: What hangs upside down from the flagpole in Mr. Klutz is Nuts?
A: Mr. Klutz

Q: What color did Mr. Klutz paint his head?
A: Orange

Q: During recess, what does Andrea do for fun?
A: Read the dictionary

Q: What does Mr. Klutz have in his office?
A: A snowboarding poster, a Foosball table, and a punching bag with a face on it.

Q: Which staff member invented a secret language that makes no sense?
A: Mrs. Kormel

Q: Who does Andrea’s mother play tennis with?
A: A.J.’s mother

Q: What’s in the middle of the library?
A: A giant tree.

Q: Who has a tattoo, and where is it?
A: Mrs. Roopy. Over her belly button.

Q: Who is Mrs. Roopy’s hero?
A: Melvil Dewey, inventor of the Dewey Decimal System.

Q: Why does Johnny Appleseed wear a pot on his head?
A: Nobody knows.

Q: What do grownups always do when they’re mad?
A: Put their hands on their hips.

Q: What do grownups always do when they’re thinking?
A: They rub their forehead.

Q: Why do they do that stuff?
A: Nobody knows.

Q: What is Ms. Hannah’s dress made of?
A: Pot holders she bought on eBay.

Q: What game do they play in the teachers’ lounge?
A: Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Q: What do the kids do in gym class?
A: Balance feathers, juggle scarves, square dancing, and the Chicken Dance.

Q: Where do the kids eat lunch?
A: In the vomitorium.

Q: How did Miss Small break her leg?
A: She fell out of a tree.

Q: What does Andrea do every Thursday after school?
A: Clog dancing.

Q: If you turn page 56 of Mr. Klutz is Nuts upside down, what do you see?
A: You see page 56 upside down.

Q: How old is Mr. Loring?
A: A million hundred years old.

Q: What is Andrea’s favorite movie?
A: Annie

Q: What do A.J. Ryan, and Michael do when Miss Daisy leaves the room?
A: They shake their butts at the class.

Q: What musical instrument does Mr. Hynde play?
A: Turntable

Q: What does Mr. Hynde do to Mr. Klutz’s head?
A: Play it like a bongo drum.

Q: What does A.J. pretend Andrea is so he won’t get grossed out by kissing her?
A: A dirt bike.

Q: What does Andrea pretend A.J. is so she won’t get grossed out by kissing him?
A: An encyclopedia.

Q: Who does A.J. want to marry when he grows up?
A: Mrs. Cooney, the nurse.

Q: What do they eat in Egypt?
A: Food pyramids.

Q: Why does A.J.’s family eat in front of the TV?
A: Because there’s no room behind the TV.

Q: According to Mrs. Cooney, what cures any sickness?
A: Licking your elbow.

Q: Why doesn’t A.J. pick his nose?
A: He doesn’t want to pull his brain out.

Q: Why did France give us The Statue of Liberty?
A: Because they didn’t want it.

Q: What does YAWYE stand for?
A: You are what you eat.

Q: What does Andrea’s mother look like?
A: Andrea, with wrinkles.

Q: What was in the goody bag at Andrea’s birthday party?
A: Tea bags

Q: Who is Ella Mentry school named after?
A: Ella Mentry

Q: What does Ella Mentry put on Mr. Klutz’s head?
A: Chocolate pudding.

Q: What does Miss Lazar put on Mr. Klutz’s head?
A: A toilet bowl plunger.

Q: What does Miss Lazar have in her secret room down the basement?
A: A museum of toilet bowl plungers.

Q: Why doesn’t A.J. have an invisible friend anymore?
A: He got into an argument with his invisible friend, so they stopped being friends.

Q: What does Andrea keep on her desk?
A: A dictionary.

Q: What fuel powers Mr. Docker’s car?
A: Potatoes

Q: Why did Mr. Docker make a clock out of potatoes?
A: He wanted to see time fry.

Q: Where does Mr. Docker take the kids on a field trip?
A: To a field.

Q: What happens if you lick a slug?
A: Your tongue gets numb.

Q: What does PTA stand for?
A: Parents who Talk Alot

Q: Why should A.J.’s mother go to the moon?
A: Because everything weighs less there.

Q: What does Mr. Docker use to hammer in a nail?
A: A banana.

Q: What is brainwashing?
A: That’s when bald guys shampoo their head.

Q: What does Mrs. Kormel wear on her head?
A: A crash helmet.

Q: How does Mrs. Kormel say “sit down”?
A: “Limpus Kidoodle.”

Q: What does Michael do with his old action figures?
A: He saws them in half.

Q: What does Ryan do with his old action figures?
A: He melts their faces with a magnifying glass.

Q: Why should you eat dessert before your meal?
A: If an asteroid hits the earth in the middle of lunch and destroys the planet, at least you got to eat dessert.

Q: What is the weirdest thing Ryan ever ate?
A: A piece of the seat cushion on the school bus. With ketchup.

Q: What is Neil the nude kid’s real name?
A: Neil Crouch.

Q: What does A.J. dress up as on Halloween?
A: A killer zombie penguin from outer space.

Q: What do they give to people who don’t have a bell?
A: The No Bell Prize.

Q: What does it mean to “stay on task”?
A: It means you have to learn boring stuff.

Q: What does the Halloween Monster do?
A: He chops up kids and steals their candy.

Q: What does Mrs. Cooney give out on Halloween?
A: Apples, carrots, and nuts.

Q: What did A.J.’s friend Billy dress up as on Halloween?
A: The Underwearwolf

Q: Where does Mrs. Patty keep her husband Marvin’s head?
A: In a bucket down the basement.

Q: Why does A.J. feel sorry for ghosts?
A: They’re like homeless dead people.

Q: What does Miss Holly wear on her head?
A: A basket of fruit.

Q: What is A.J.’s favorite holiday?
A: Take Our Daughters To Work Day, because Andrea is absent from school.

Q: What’s a wichsand?
A: A sandwich with the meat on the outside.

Q: Why does A.J. wish he was black or Jewish?
A: Because Kwanzaa and Hanukkah last longer than Christmas.

Q: What does A.J. want after Andrea kisses him?
A: A face transplant.

Q: What did A.J. give to Emily as a Secret Santa present?
A: A bag of dead fish.

Q: Why is President’s Day special, according to Michael?
A: Because that’s the day big screen TVs go on sale.

Q: What is Mr. Macky’s second job?
A: He’s a big screen TV salesman.

Q: What did Mr. Macky learn from reading the label on a can of chicken noodle soup?
A: That chickens have noodles.

Q: Which president liked to go skinny dipping?
A: John Quincy Adams

Q: Who was Mr. Macky’s favorite president?
A: Millard Fillmore

Q: Why are shovels better than computers?
A: Because you can’t dig a hole with a computer.

Q: Why are computers better than shovels?
A: Because you can’t check your email on a shovel.

Q: Who does A.J. do his President’s Day oral report on?
A: Benjamin Franklin

Q: Why did Rappy the Raptor fly into a window?
A: It was attacking its own reflection.

Q: What do you call an animal doctor who doesn’t eat meat?
A: A vegetarian veterinarian.

Q: Why don’t they invite Dr. Seuss to visit Ella Mentry School?
A: Because he’s dead.

Q: What does it mean when the teacher makes a peace sign with their fingers?
A: It means shut up.

Q: Why do you clap at the end of an assembly?
A: Because you’re glad it’s over.

Q: What does Mrs. Yonkers wear on her head?
A: A large piece of cheese.

Q: How does Mrs. Yonkers power her computer?
A: She runs on a giant hamster wheel.

Q: What does Speedy the Turtle have on his head?
A: A video camera.

Q: How do you get anything you want from a grownup?
A: Say please please please please please please.

Q: What is special about Mrs. Yonkers pencil sharpener?
A: It is remote-controlled.

Q: How does Mrs. Yonkers type on a computer?
A: With her feet.

Q: Why can’t A.J. sneak junk food into school?
A: Because they installed a infrared heat-seeking digital junk food detector.

Q: How many spoons can Ryan hang from his face at the same time?
A: Four

Q: What does Mrs. Yonkers do with broccoli?
A: Turns it into a York Peppermint Patty.

Q: Who does Mr. Klutz promise to marry?
A: A turkey and a pig.

Q: What is on the wall of Dr. Carbles’ office?
A: A fish.

Q: What does A.J. use to steal Dr. Carbles’ toupee?
A: A fishing pole.

Q: What does Mr. Klutz have in his living room?
A: A halfpipe.

Q: How do grownups say, “What are you doing here?
A: “To what do we owe the pleasure of your company?”

Q: What is Dr. Carbles’ first name?
A: He wants to be Frank, but his name is Milton.

Q: What was Dr. Carbles’ nickname when he was a teenager?
A: Walrus Face

Q: What does Mr. Louie use for a stop sign?
A: The back of his guitar.

Q: Where does Mr. Klutz get a pig?
A: From Rent-A-Pig.

Q: What’s the moral to the story?
A: There IS no moral to the story. Who decided that stories have to have morals, anyway? Sometimes weird stuff just happens for no good reason. Especially at My Weird School.

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