Virtually Perfect Quiz

1. What does FX mean?
a. fix
b. fighting extreme
c. special effects
d. for example

2. Who was Yip named after?
a. Yip Johnson
b. Yip Harbug
c. Bobby Yipkowski
d. Sam Yip

3. What software program did Yip use to creat Victor?
a. Synthespian
b. Microsoft Vactor
c. Sim Person
d. Adobe Illustrator

4. In what state does Yip’s family live?
a. California
b. Florida
c. Iowa
d. Alabama

5. What is the one thing Grandpa says you can’t simulate on a computer?
a. human hair
b. human skin
c. human movements
d. human beings

6. At the end of the story, what does Grandpa want?
a. a new career
b. a girlfriend
c. a computer
d. a new house

7. What was Yip’s sister’s name?
a. Paige Downe
b. Paige Turner
c. Paige Break
d. Paige Delete

8. Why was Victor so smart?
a. He studied really hard.
b. Yip downloaded lots of books into him.
c. His parents were very smart.
d. He took super smart pills every day.

9. How did Grandpa know Victor could not be human?
a. Victor didn’t have any ID.
b. Victor’s fingernails never grew.
c. Victor was too perfect.
d. Victor didn’t like pizza.

10. What did Grandpa do to Victor?
a. bought him a new toothbrush
b. shocked him with the telephone
c. tricked him into going back to cyberspace
d. shot him with a fake gun

Answers: 1-C, 2-B, 3-A, 4-A, 5-D, 6-B, 7-B, 8-B, 9-C, 10-B

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