The Million Dollar Kick Quiz

1. Where does Whisper Nelson live?
a. Oklahoma City
b. Canada
c. Louisiana
d. Parkfield, California

2. Where does Whisper go when she’s depressed?
a. the mall
b. the woods
c. the train station
d. her cousin’s house

3. What does Whisper’s mother have?
a. Lou Gehrig’s disease
b. Parkinson’s disease
c. multiple schlerosis
d. muscular dystrophy

4. What does Jess Kirby carry with him everywhere?
a. a security blanket
b. a cell phone
c. a box of Chicklets
d. a laptop computer

5. What slogan does Whisper come up with?
a. The Kick are OK
b. Our Goal is to Win
c. We Get a Kick Out of You
d. The Kick Kick Butt

6. Why was Whisper’s mom proud of her?
a. she made the shot
b. she got straight A’s
c. she cared about something
d. she donated money to charity

7. How does Jess help Whisper get ready for the kick?
a. he buys her “Soccer for Dummies”
b. he designs a computer penalty kick simulator
c. he builds a machine to make leg muscles stronger
d. he designs a shoe specially for kicking penalty shots

8. Why does Ellie decide to coach Whisper?
a. Whisper reminded her of herself
b. for the money
c. she felt sorry for Whisper
d. to get back at her coach

9. What does Jess Kirby invent?
a. a solar powered flashlight
b. a solar powered screwdriver
c. a solar powered solar system simulator
d. a solar powered bicycle

10. Why does Whisper get a second shot?
a. she called “do overs”
b. the cameraman wasn’t ready
c. she missed the first one
d. the goalie stepped off the line before the kick

Answers: 1-A, 2-B, 3-B, 4-D, 5-D, 6-D, 7-B, 8-A, 9-A, 10-D

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