Mickey & Me Quiz

1. What did Stosh’s dad have after the accident?
a. broken leg
b. lateral bicuspid
c. hearing loss
d. subdural hematoma

2. Why did Stosh’s dad want him to go see Mickey Mantle?
a. to get his autograph
b. to take his photograph
c. to warn him about a drain cover
d. to steal his uniform

3. Who switches cards on Stosh?
a. Aunt Liz
b. Cousin Samantha
c. Bobby Fuller
d. Coach Tropiano

4. What does AAGPBL stand for?
a. Americans Against Public Bathrooms and Lavatories
b. All American Girls Professional Basketball League
c. All American Girls Professional Baseball League
d. All American Game Players By-Laws

5. Where does Stosh land in 1944?
a. Borchert Field
b. Dunn Field
c. Fenway Park
d. Wrigley Field

6. Who does Stosh have a crush on?
a. Peeps Pieper
b. Merle Keagle
c. Connie Wisniewski
d. Be Bop Vukovich

7. What is the mascot of the Milwaukee Chicks?
a. rooster
b. chicken
c. duck
d. a bottle of beer

8. What team did Max Carey play for?
a. Pittsburgh Pirates
b. Milwaukee Chicks
c. Yellow Jackets
d. Rockford Peaches

9. Who does Stosh have to throw a ball at?
a. Hitler
b. Stalin
c. Roosevelt
d. Churchill

10. What happened to Mickey Maguire’s husband?
a. his plane was shot down
b. he was paralyzed
c. she thought he died, but he was alive
d. she thought he was alive, but he died

Answers: 1-A, 2-C, 3-B, 4-C, 5-A, 6-C, 7-B, 8-A, 9-A, 10-C

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