Johnny Hangtime Quiz

1. What do stuntmen call a stunt?
a. A gag.
b. A fix.
c. A brodie.
d. A bingo.

2. What was Johnny doing when he was spotted by the movie director?
a. skateboarding.
b. snowboarding.
c. in-line skating.
d. jumping off the roof of his house.

3. How did Johnny’s father die?
a. He didn’t.
b. He went over Niagara Falls in a flying boat.
c. He jumped out of a plane and the parachute didn’t open.
d. He fell off a horse.

4. What is Augusta Wind’s real name?
a. Augusta Schmutz
b. Gladys Wind
c. Gladys Schmutz
d. Loretta Modern

5. Who did Johnny’s mother fall in love with?
a. Ricky Corvette
b. Dr. Carreon
c. Roland Rivers
d. Boris Bonner

6. What does Ricky Corvette make Johnny do for him?
a. Tie his shoes
b. Get him hot dogs
c. Kiss his feet
d. Get him sodas

7. What is Johnny’s last name?
a. Thyme
b. Hangtime
c. Hang
d. Bonner

8. What did Ricky Corvette’s contract insist upon?
a. a gallon of Reese’s Pieces
b. a gallon of M&Ms
c. a gallon of Skittles
d. a gallon of Starburst

9. When Johnny jumps out of the plane, what does he have on his feet?
a. flippers
b. a snowboard
c. a skateboard
d. elf shoes

10. What was the name of Johnny’s horse?
a. Bingo
b. Squirt
c. Mr. Jumpy
d. King

Answers: 1-A, 2-A, 3-B, 4-C, 5-B, 6-D, 7-A, 8-C, 9-B, 10-B

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