Jackie & Me Quiz

1. Why was Stosh suspended from Little League?
a. He threw a bat at the pitcher.
b. He never showed up for practice.
c. He refused to wear shoes.
d. He called the other players bad names.

2. When Stosh woke up in 1947 he was:
a. hungry
b. black
c. fat
d. a grown man

3. Stosh wanted to visit Jackie Robinson because:
a. He wanted to make his dad proud of him.
b. He wanted to collect cards from the 1940s.
c. He wanted to see a Dodgers game.
d. He needed to do a report for Black History Month.

4. What did “Batman” want Stosh to do with the box of baseballs?
a. clean them.
b. sign them.
c. take them to the umpire.
d. sell them.

5. “We the undersigned…wish to be traded rather than”:
a. wear woolen uniforms.
b. take the field with a black man.
c. have an African-American batboy.
d. play for African-American fans.

6. What aspect of the future most surprises Jackie Robinson?
a. time travel.
b. television.
c. Black History Month.
d. computers.

7. What did Stosh do to change the future?
a. He advised Jackie Robinson to fight back.
b. He advised Ant on race relations.
c. He advised Flip to save his baseball cards.
d. He advised Bond Bread to print baseball cards.

8. How did Jackie retaliate against discrimination?
a. He didn’t say a word.
b. He made a formal complaint.
c. He showed how good he was.
d. He took people to court.

9. How much did Stosh earn as a bat boy?
a. $3
b. $13
c. $31
d. a quarter.

10. When Stosh tried to buy baseball cards, he discovered:
a. The grocery store gave them away for free.
b. The baseball card store had been burned down.
c. There were no baseball cards in 1947.
d. The baseball cards were all sold out.

Answers: 1-A, 2-B, 3-D, 4-B, 5-B, 6-C, 7-C, 8-C, 9-D, 10-C

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