Honus & Me Quiz

1. What special power does Stosh have?
a. He can walk through walls.
b. He can travel through time.
c. He can make himself invisible.
d. He can open up child-proof medicine containers.

2. Stosh feels a tingling sensation when he touches…
a. wooden baseball bats
b. old baseball cards
c. autographed baseball memorabilia
d. Miss Young

3. What did Stosh find in Miss Young’s attic?
a. a Honus Wagner baseball card
b. a photograph of Miss Young with Honus Wagner
c. a piano
d. Miss Young’s ex-husband

4. According to Honus Wagner, what is the secret to being a great player?
a. thinking you already are one
b. good eyesight
c. hustle
d. a non-quitting spirit

5. Honus Wagner’s brother’s nickname was…
a. Chunky
b. Butts
c. Beanpole
d. The Flying Dutchman

6. What did Stosh’s mother want him to do with the card?
a. sell it
b. put it in a safe place
c. give it back
d. tear it up

7. What happened to Stosh when he traveled back in time?
a. He got beaten up by bullies.
b. He lost his baseball card.
c. He became a man.
d. He became a woman.

8. What did Stosh and Honus do during the sixth inning?
a. They switched places.
b. They went to Miss Young’s house.
c. They got more Honus Wagner baseball cards.
d. They ate poisoned hot dogs and threw up.

9. What did Stosh see in Honus Wagner’s locker?
a. a baseball glove
b. a dartboard with Ty Cobb’s face on it
c. a photograph of Miss Young
d. deodorant

10. How did Stosh get back to the present day?
a. He wished for it to happen.
b. He used a time machine.
c. He used the baseball card that was in his shoe.
d. He clicked his heels together three times.

Answers: 1-B, 2-B. 3-A, 4-A, 5-B, 6-C, 7-C, 8-A, 9-C, 10-C

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