The Million Dollar Shot Quiz

1. Where does this story take place?

a. Georgia
b. Louisiana
c. Mississippi
d. Alabama

2. What did Eddie have to do to enter the contest?

a. Write a slogan
b. Write a song
c. Write a poem
d. Shoot a foul shot

3. What trick did Annie share with Eddie?

a. She showed him how to pull a rabbit out of a hat.
b. She showed him how to shoot with his eyes closed.
c. She showed him how to cheat.
d. She showed him how to clear his mind so he could concentrate.

4. What did Finkle Foods make?

a. breakfast cereal
b. protein bars
c. junk food
d. fruit juice

5. Who helped Eddie get ready for the shot?

a. Mr. Stokely
b. Mr. Finkle
c. his mother
d. one of Finkle’s flunkies

6. In what city did Eddie take his million dollar shot?

a. Los Angeles
b. New York
c. Chicago
d. New Orleans

7. How many foul shots did Eddie take every day to practice?

a. 100
b. 250
c. 350
d. 500

8. What did Mr. Finkle say he’d give Eddie even if he missed the shot?

a. a hundred dollars
b. a lifetime supply of Finkles
c. a job at Finkle Foods someday
d. a new car

9. What rattled Eddie while he was practicing at the hotel?

a. The rim had been lowered a few inches.
b. People were shouting comments to him.
c. His mother was kissing Mr. Stokely.
d. Mr. Finkle was shooting video of him.

10. What did Eddie do with the money?

a. He gave it to Annie.
b. He bought a new house for his mother.
c. He invested it in mutual funds.
d. He bought Finkle Foods.

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