School Visits

The global pandemic changed the world, and we need to change with it. So for the remainder of 2020, I will NOT be doing in-person school visits. But I WILL be doing “virtual author visits.”

What does this mean? Using Zoom, Skype, or another program, I can visit your school online and do educational and entertaining sessions for your students. Unlike my in-person school visits, I can visit schools ANYWHERE, not just in the New York City area.

I’ll do a minimum of one and a maximum of four 30-minute sessions, all in one day, and preferably all in the morning or all in the afternoon.

The cost: 1 session=$500. 2 sessions=$900. 3 sessions=$1,300. 4 sessions=$1,600

The content of the sessions will be flexible. Depending on the grade level and the school’s preference, each session could consist of…

–A brief introduction about how I was a reluctant reader as a child.

–Reading one of my “Rappy the Raptor” picture books (for younger grades).

–How I got the idea for My Weird School, and reading a chapter or two from the next book in the series before it is published (for younger grades).

–The inspirational story of how my baseball card adventure series was rejected by multiple publishers, but I NEVER GIVE UP (for older grades).

–A writing workshop in which the students and I construct the framework for a story together (for older grades).

–Q and A (for everybody)

My preference is for small groups (one class or one grade at a time), but I’ll speak with larger groups if necessary.

I don’t feel these sessions are appropriate for grades K or 1.

I request that you prepare the students for my visit by sharing my books with them and/or researching my books online.

If conditions allow, I’ll resume doing in-person school visits (NYC area only) in January 2021. My flat fee for a full day is $2,250. No expenses. I’m also open to doing virtual author visits in 2021 (outside the NYC area).

That’s about it. I’d love to do a virtual author visit with your school. If you have any questions or you’d like to book a date, email me:

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